Hi Allen and Robin,
We were up there last Saturday and made a few purchases, and I just wanted to tell you that we made a meatloaf yesterday and it was absolutely fabulous! I usually pride myself on my meatloaf-- some fresh parsley, onion, celery, stale italian bread, eggs, garlic, salt and pepper. This time I added a little olive oil to the mix as I knew it would be lean and I cooked it at 325º instead of 350º. I couldn't believe how incredible it was. The flavor, the juiciness, and how I didn't have to spoon the fat from the pan after it was cooked.
-Angela and Jayme Staron

The hanger steaks may be the best meat we've ever eaten and your hot dogs are also amazing, quite a nice smoke taste to 'em. We are so glad we found your farm and it doesn't hurt that you're so nice and we like you so much, too. Bruce Weinstein and mark Scarbrough

My husband and I had burgers made from your beef last summer... and I must tell you our response was both profound and hilarious. We each bit into our respective burgers while sitting at opposite ends of our home... and at the same time exclaimed, "Man, this is GOOD!" Seasoned with only salt and pepper, those burgers were as good as I've ever had... better than I'd ever had. As I become even more aware of how polluted our palates and bodies have become as children of the corn era, I am so thankful that such healthy, delicious, and sustainable food is so close to home! Thank you:-)

Mark and I just had your pork ribs for dinner tonight and they were amazing, and the pork loin end roast last night was just as wonderful. No surprise as we've been blown away by all your meals. I am so glad we met you guys - because on top of producing amazing meats, you're also such nice people. Bruce Weinstein and Mark Scarbrough... again.

I visited the farm last weekend and purchased some of the best beef I've ever eaten! -Kate Johns

Hi; We had a pork shoulder roast that we purchased from you for Christmas dinner. It was the best pork roast we ever ate. Roast Pork with Mushroom Gravy Sautéed Brussel Sprouts with Garlic and Onion Brown and Wild Rice Yorkshire Pudding Onion and Rosemary Focaccia We still have a freezer full of meat so we will be seeing you in a few weeks. Happy Holidays Bob and Sherri Wortman New Milford

WOW Last night I made chicken stock from the carcass of the bird I roasted that I bought from you. I have never had such delicious chicken broth in my life! Make sure your customers understand that part of the $18 chicken price is that you can make about six cups of rich, clear stock from the carcass. It really puts the price in perspective I think. xoxo D Dan Shaw

"I hope you don't find this forward of me to admit that I actually salivate when I hear your names! I am looking ofrward to cooking up your delicious cuts of beef again. Thank you!" Jean Chen

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